Ashaway Shuttlecocks. The Ashaway International 500 is a premium quality shuttle, suitable for all standards with reliability, control, feel, and will also be attractive to players who impart more force and racket head speed on the shuttle.

If you don’t play with such force, the good news is this shuttle will last even longer! The Ashaway International 500 shuttle has a natural cork base with reactive glue which helps soften upon impact.  The goose feathers are digitally selected Grade ‘A’ feathers so the flight and durability of the shuttlecock is enhanced.   And remember these shuttles are tested ‘twice’ for accurate flight and speed.


Mark Topping
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Ashaway International 500

The Club Shuttle


per Tube of Shuttlecocks


We aim to deliver your badminton order as quickly as possible!

All shuttles supplied are speed 78. Please contact Mark Topping on 087 6131432 if you require a different speed.

1 review for Ashaway International 500

  1. Dave Murphy

    Excellent really top quality product.

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