“The Q Gold Shuttle is a superior quality goose feather shuttle. The Q stands for Quality. We have tested the  Q shuttle rigorously and are delighted with the durability and trajectory of the shuttle. In particular we are delighted to report that after a few sets of badminton, the now second hand shuttle can easily be reused and recycled for warm up hits or coaching sessions. The feathers rarely break. The Q shuttle base is largely comprised of material from the Cork tree and as a result has a beautiful acoustic sound when striking the shuttle.

The best Quality Shuttle on the market is THE Q SHUTTLE.


Mark Topping

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The Super Premium Shuttle


per Tube of Shuttlecocks


We aim to deliver your badminton order as quickly as possible!

All shuttles supplied are speed 78. Please contact Mark Topping on 087 6131432 if you require a different speed.


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