Yehlex Shuttlecocks. Yehlex Premiership Grade Shuttles are the ultimate in quality and extra durability from the special Grade goose feathers giving excellent flight and speed control.

Yehlex Shuttlecocks. I would classify this shuttle as a Super Premium shuttle.  I have played five sets of Men’s Doubles with just one of the Yehlex Premiership shuttle. This was an unusual one off event, but on average you could expect to get two sets from one of these shuttles. Even when the shuttle needs to be replaced, make sure you keep the shuttle as a knock up shuttle at the start of a club session as it will still fly well enough for a knock up, saving a brand new shuttle.


Mark Topping
(2 customer reviews)

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Yehlex Premiership

The Budget Shuttle


per Tube of Shuttlecocks


We aim to deliver your badminton order as quickly as possible!

All shuttles supplied are speed 78. Please contact Mark Topping on 087 6131432 if you require a different speed.

2 reviews for Yehlex Premiership

  1. John Clifford

    Most expensive but probably the best value.

  2. admin

    Thanks john. An incredible shuttle and a nice Christmas treat for yourself or a friend. That said, they are very durable and have longevity! Appreciate your comment and don’t forget if you buy any 4 tubes you get a FREE Rewin Champion 7 which is another solid shuttle! Mark

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